Membership for the 2020-2021 Season

Your investment in your membership will consist of a base membership fee of $95 for this season plus a charge for the meetings you attend in-person.   For the 2020-2021 Season Members may participate in meetings online without incurring any additional charge.  Should the Membership decide later in the Season to have the option of also attending meetings in-person,  you can register to do so and will be billed $45 per meeting.   

Once again, this year guests are welcomed!  Members can register one complimentary online guest per meeting.  Should future meetings also be in-person, the guest fee is $60 per guest per meeting.   A great value and a nice jump-start for your networking!

Please be reminded that it is our policy to require a guest to become a member after their second meeting.   This requirement does not reset each year, but rather applies to the total, maximum number of times you are welcomed as a guest.

New to FVEPC?   It's now easier than ever to apply for membership.    Simply complete the online form and submit.   The Board will  review your application within 5 working days and once your application has been approved you will receive an email notification.   You then need to go to the "Renewals" page to finish the process and to pay your dues.

Please remember to register for each meeting!    Please note that the meetings scheduled for 2021 are not open for registration until the new year as the meeting format will not be determined until December of 2020.  

Ready, Set, Grow!  Join today!